F# and Monogame Part 3 – iOS

In the previous instalment of of this mini-series I detailed how to make Monogame work on Android purely in F#. In this installment I tackle iOS. I’m going to assume you already have Xamarin Studio, the F# iOS templates and Monogame installed, as well as a valid iOS Developer licence.

Monogame on iOS in F# is actually trivial.

Go to new Project, select F#, select the target device (iPhone, iPad or Universal). Select Single View Application. Add references to MonoGame.Framework.dll and Lindgren.Network.dll for iOS.

Delete the *ViewController.fs file.

In AppDelegate.fs add the Game class definition from the previous 2 tutorials

type Game() as game =
    inherit Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game() 
    let manager = new Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GraphicsDeviceManager(game)
    override __.Draw _ = game.GraphicsDevice.Clear Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Color.CornflowerBlue

and replace the FinishedLaunching member with the following

override this.FinishedLaunching (app, options) =
         let game = new Game()

Hey presto – the code should run fine. In fact running on iOS is easier than MacOS and Android.

Next time I’ll quickly cover a neat way to build content for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS easily. The pre-requisites are a valid XNA SDK install (which itself has a pre-requisite of VS2010).

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