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Simplifying State with Async (with XNA/WPF examples)

Now, let me start this post by saying I love XNA/Monogame. XNA was Microsoft’s first (and currently last) attempt to have a first class managed framework for writing games. Luckily the excellent Monogame project has picked up Microsoft’s slack and … Continue reading

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F# and Monogame Part 4 – Content Pipeline

If you’ve used XNA in the past you’ll have an opinion on the Content Pipeline. For some, it’s an amazing way to prebuild and optimize content, and detect problems before deployment. For others, it’s a pain in the bum. Personally, … Continue reading

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F# and Monogame Part 3 – iOS

In the previous instalment of of this mini-series I detailed how to make Monogame work on Android purely in F#. In this installment I tackle iOS. I’m going to assume you already have Xamarin Studio, the F# iOS templates and Monogame … Continue reading

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F# and Monogame Part 1 – MacOS

I recently did a talk at SkillsMatter on developing on iOS using F#. For the demo I knocked together a small demo called “Pissed Off Owls” to show how easy it was to write a game in F# (my target … Continue reading

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