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Simplifying (?) State with C# Async

I got some great feedback on my last blog post about using F#’s async feature to simplify state. One of the more interesting requests was from @FreeQaz who tweeted me: @neildanson I really enjoyed your article at about F# … Continue reading

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Simplifying State with Async (with XNA/WPF examples)

Now, let me start this post by saying I love XNA/Monogame. XNA was Microsoft’s first (and currently last) attempt to have a first class managed framework for writing games. Luckily the excellent Monogame project has picked up Microsoft’s slack and … Continue reading

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It just works(™)!

I was recently a guest on the .NET Rocks podcast and one of the things that came up was this notion in F# of “if it compiles – it works”. Given the constraints of time on the show (and technical … Continue reading

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Book Review: F# for Quantitative Finance

I was recently given the opportunity to review the book F# for Quantitative Finance by Johan Astborg.  Disclaimer: I work in the finance industry, but I don’t do “Quant stuff” for a living. I’m not going to review the correctness of the … Continue reading

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Building a C# compiler in F#

A little over a year ago I wrote a post about Roslyn. Recently (after seeing Mads Torgersen‘s excellent NDC-london talk) I was inspired to attempt to write my own mini-C# compiler to address some of the missing features in C#. … Continue reading

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Building Mono on a Raspberry Pi (Hard Float)

The cool thing about the Raspberry Pi is that it is really really cheap and really really popular. Until recently the worst thing about the Raspberry Pi has been the lack of hardfp version of Mono, leaving us .NET developers … Continue reading

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Desktop class performance on a mobile phone?

I recently bought an iPhone 5S (this is partly why I’ve taken a short detour from the platform game – this will resume in my next post!). Once again Apple have managed to create hype around a new CPU which … Continue reading

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