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Simplifying (?) State with C# Async

I got some great feedback on my last blog post about using F#’s async feature to simplify state. One of the more interesting requests was from @FreeQaz who tweeted me: @neildanson I really enjoyed your article at about F# … Continue reading

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Building Mono on a Raspberry Pi (Hard Float)

The cool thing about the Raspberry Pi is that it is really really cheap and really really popular. Until recently the worst thing about the Raspberry Pi has been the lack of hardfp version of Mono, leaving us .NET developers … Continue reading

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A Platform game in F# and SpriteKit – Part 5.5 – Sound Effects

Micro-post: Playing sound effects in SpriteKit: //Load the sound use jumpSound = SKAction.PlaySoundFileNamed(“Jump.wav”, true) //Play the sound scene.RunAction jumpSound Note that the File extension is important here – unlike the graphics formats loaded into SpriteKit. Winning! Next Time So far our level plays for … Continue reading

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Another thought of the day

Isn’t mixing methods and data in a class an immediate violation of the single responsibility principle?

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